Touhou Project Theatrical Trailer 〜 東方実写映画予告


Using cinematic cosplay footage, various films and quite a bit of editing, I tried to produce an unlikely trailer for the Touhou Franchise as a whole. Sources in description. I own none of the materials I used on this edit nor do I benefit from them in any way, just rearranged them to produce a trailer.

⬤The featured music is: [東方 Orchestral] [Tutti Sound] セレーネに呼応する月兎

⬤Please check out these small yet incredibly talented cinematic cosplay channels:

minusT [Did the 3D sequences]
World Otaku Channel

⬤Films include:
White Snake
Crimson Peak
Destiny: The tale of Kamakura
The Great Yokai War
The Great Yokai War: Guardians trailer
The Monkey King Havoc in Heavens Palace


  1. I was brought here by your reddit post. Wow, this is better than what I expected.

  2. That was actually super cool! Well done!

  3. Very interesting, if there’s a full version. I’ll be looking forward to it.

  4. Very nicely done!! There’s still so many dedicated fans keeping this series going. Thank you for doing this edit, thanks for all the music arrangements, and thanks to everyone else who participated in the roleplaying. This makes me really want a live action depiction of the scenery of Gensokyo along with its inhabitants.!